Caravan of Thieves

violinA Caravan of Thieves has been around for a number of years, but this past Thursday night at Café Eleven in St. Augustine was this first time I’d gotten to see them perform live, and what a show! This is eclectic music at its best – no commercial formula music here. And if you ever get a chance to see them live (which I highly recommend) be ready for an evening of amazement and laughter as this group effortlessly reels the audience into their world of fantasy and fun; a diverse grab bag of musical styles, sometimes serious, sometimes macabre, but always peppered with a Gypsy flavor that just plain makes a soul happy.

Fuzz and CarrieThere is not enough space here to tell of all the wonderful things about this group, especially since any positive review always seems to say the same things, the music was exiting, the performance was riveting, bla bla bla… all of that applies to the Caravan of Thieves. Unless you are one  of those who have their head stuck into the sand and refuse to entertain any other type of music other than your uber-predictable Ipod playlist, I guarantee you will love this music and the characters creating it. What stood out to me that makes the Thieves a perfect escape from the “normal” radio play is their cohesion. You can tell that these members think alike in taste and selection (odd as it may be sometimes) and the blending of their thought processes in regards to the music and show in its entirety. To say this band is tight is an understatement! It was plainly evident that these musicians were very familiar with each other, compatible, and enjoy immensely their craft. Those statements are easy to live up to when you’re talking about country, pop or rock and roll, but this type of music is passion driven, and outside of the box, which makes it much more difficult to find like minds – much less ones with the talent to pull it off! A Caravan of Thieves is the whole package.

The show covers music from several of their albums, made through the years with musicians that come and go – hence the name ‘Caravan of Thieves’ – music that ranges from serene a capella  to mind blowing drum solos on junk (yes, junk – pots and pans, springs, buckets…). You could call it Jazz, Gypsy, Big Band Fusion…is there such a thing? This music defies description and just needs to be heard!

If you ever find this group in your neighborhood or within traveling distance, you will have a great evening if you dare to give them a chance. You can visit their website HERE or go to  for more information and dates. Join the Freaks!

Wanderin’ mo…