Gamble Rogers Music Festival

gamble rogers
Jamie DeFrates and Susan Brown

St. Augustine is a Florida city that can never be visited enough. There is always – and I mean always –  something going on. In the in-between-events time, there is again, always something to do or something you haven’t seen. What a great place! This past weekend was the annual Gamble Rogers Music Festival held in the Spanish Quarter area of the old city.

This is a three day event celebrating the legacy of a local musician who died a hero trying to rescue a drowning swimmer of the shores of Flagler County. Gamble Rogers was a national songsmith and entertainer, and beloved by all musicians local to the St. Augustine area. There is much information on the internet about him and would be a worthwhile search for you to find out more about the man.

Michael Jordan

The festival acknowledges Gamble Rogers with several stages, and many, many musicians, singer songwriters, groups and storytellers spread out through the Spanish Quarter. Music is constantly wafting through the air along with the normal smells of the Old Town, which is a lovely blend of bakeries, restaurants, food, food, food! If you need a break from the music, just pick a side road and explore the Old Town with its rich history and architecture. There is just too much to say about St. Augustine to cover here in one blog. Many more will follow, rest assured.

todd and molly
Todd and Molly



The music of the festival was mainly “singer songwriter” style, and was well represented. I think with a little more funding, the event could have fared a little better in the sound department, but I feel the “raw” nature of the sound represented the sometimes gritty ambiance in which these fine musicians ply their trade well. These are not arena shows with multi million dollar rigs, these are real musicians who rely on their talents and skills to entertain their audiences. An amp, a few effect pedals, and pitch perfect voicing is their gear, and the “room” is where ever they land. Sometimes not acoustically perfect, sometimes downright bad, but that is what this style of music is about. Connecting with the audience on a personal level, hell they could be playing in your own living room and it could not feel any more personal. What came across in flying fashion was the heart and soul of the music, performed to perfection, and to the great appreciation of the audience. What a great time!

Put this one on your calendar, the Gamble Rogers Music festival 2017 – date to be determined. You will be glad to go!

Thy Wandereth