Oyster Jam Music Festival

Oyster Jam

This is another cool festival that I was not able to wander to, so I sent my number one wandering team to check it out – my daughter and her boyfriend. They wandered with excellence, and reported that this was a very fun and interesting festival, not only because music festivals in general are AWESOME but also because of the diversity in what this particular festival had to offer. It truly sounded like a great day in North Florida!

2016_04_06_Map_southeast_us_Boat_ShowFirst, the name. The Oyster Jam Music Festival. That was to be taken literally – oysters everywhere. There were several oyster vendors on site with all manner of oyster eateries available for sampling, along with the normal assortment of festival food. It was all reportedly very good, and made wandering through the arts booths and other activities that much more enjoyable.

The other activities? Well, a quick visit to the Oyster Jam Music Festival web site  (http://www.theoysterjammusicfestival.com/) showed me the shear volume of fun that I missed! There were of course the arts and craft booths as well as other miscellaneous vendors, but also a bikini contest, “shuckin” competition, a cook off, corn hole…you get the idea. This was much more than a mere music festival, this was an all around good time for 2 days! Did I mention the boat show? Bring a dream and just snoop or bring your wallet and go home with a dream-boat!

Along side all of this was of course, the music. The bands were described as “eclectic”, and reported as being great with a diverse repertoire. It was unfortunate that my wandering team was forced to leave early as were many others on that particular day because our wonderfully unpredictable Florida weather decided to show up and rain on the fun, but I’m sure that as with any music festival the music was awesome, and hopefully the weather cleared up for them to continue later in the evening.

bikini contest


This looks to be an annual event, so mark your calendar and plan to attend around this time next year – I plan to! Check out the Youtube promo video HERE.

Thanks Wandering Team!