A Wander Missed…

I just can’t wait for the weekend coming up when we will wander somewhere to post on, so I’m going to whine about a wander that I missed out on. The Suwannee Springfest in Live Oak Florida, at the Spirit of the Suwannee Campground. What an awesome festival this is! I found that out when I was able to attend the 2015 Springfest for a couple of days.  For those unfamiliar with this event and venue, the Springfest is a 4 day music festival at the Spirit of the Suwannee Campground, with  over 600 improved campsites and 800 acres of primitive camping among oak and cypress hammocks along the banks of the historic Suwannee River.

I missed out on the 2016 festival due to an acute bout of allergies – the pollen was off the charts this year!

spring4What I missed was 4 days of fantastic folk, bluegrass, bluerock, and other great music that defies categorization. This festival is truly one of the best events a laid back music lover could possibly ask for.  I’m not sure of actual attendance figures, but it has to be in the thousands, and for 4 days not a cross word will you hear from anyone. I’ve never been to an event where everyone was having such a great time and no fights or arguments broke out. Just cool music, stout shine, and meals cooked over a campfire. I whole heartedly recommend anyone who has a love of nature, music and good company to check out the next one! The events are held several times a year under different banners, the next one I will attend is in October, called “Magnoliafest”. I don’t care if I’m half dead…I’m going!



You can make yourself at home in one of the zillion hammocks stretched among the trees, or jump into an impromptu jam at any campsite you wander by – just bring an instrument and a song!

The event to me, has a distinct “hippie” vibe, where everyone is cool, and ready to share their food, drink, tent, whatever a wanderer needs. The park has 3 outdoor stages and one indoor stage that pretty much run from morning to morning with awesome music.  Eat, wander, and listen!


You can find the Spirit of the Suwannee Campground’s website HERE, or go to www.musicliveshere.com. Check out the schedule of events and plan your next vacation around a super cool camping trip – you’ll love it!

-Wandering On!